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"Rev. Byron Sichert was our Officiant, and everything was great because Rev. Byron allowed us to design our entire ceremony from start to finish, using our own ideas and words, material that we found online, and the great material provided by Rev.Byron. Our Ceremony was Wonderful!"

Damion and Tanisha Allenson

"Rev. Byron was exactly what we were looking for in an Officiant. We gave him the wording for our Ceremony, and he took care of the rest with his wonderful delivery and animation."

Lamont and Quintasha Williamson

"We were so happy with Rev. Byron because he is happy to perform all types of ceremonies, including non-religious ceremonies. Many other ministers insisted on performing only religious ceremonies, but Rev. Byron followed the script that we gave him, and all of our guests were so pleased that a minister could do such a fabulous job in performing a totally non-religious ceremony."

Alexander and Lawanna Curtison

"My husband, and I, come from two different cultures and religions, and we were so happy to have found a minister, Rev. Byron Sichert, who would work with us in designing a ceremony that incorporated both cultures and religions and was written entirely by us. Since many ministers won't perform inter-faith ceremonies, it was such a relief to have found Rev. Byron."

Ricardo and Janeese Gomez

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