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Henrico/Richmond/Chesterfield Civil Marriage Ceremonies

Affordable Henrico / Richmond / Chesterfield and Vicinity Civil Ceremonies and Wedding Ministers

Looking for Justice of the Peace 
Style Ceremony? 

We have a Wedding Officiant / Wedding Minister
Who Can Perform A Justice Of The Peace Style Service For You!

Your Wedding Day and Marriage Ceremony is the biggest event of Your Life.
Our Premier Rated Marriage Celebrants/Officiants would love to work with you to help you create the wonderful wedding ceremony you have always dreamed of: whether it be civil, non-religious, semi-religious, non-denominational, Christian, or any other type of ceremony, our ministers will perform your ceremony your way.
"This is YOUR MARRIAGE CEREMONY, not ours."
          "This is the biggest day of YOUR Life: so have the main event of your day,
YOUR MARRIAGE CEREMONY, written by you!'
We are rated by Bridal Ministerial Review Service of Washington as the PREMIER Wedding Ministers in South Central Virginia because we perform the most ceremonies, we allow each couple the fabulous opportunity to write their own ceremonies, we perform the big venue weddings in the spotlight, as well as small weddings at Henrico Courthouse Lake Hening seven days a week, and we offer the BEST MINISTERS, without charging the highest fee. 

Pictured on this page are Ceremonies performed at the Henrico Courthouse/Lake Hening Park Complex. Couples' from Henrico and all other South Central Virginia Cities and Counties schedule their Civil Marriage Ceremonies and Religious Marriage Ceremonies at the Henrico County Courthouse Complex, where we perform ceremonies seven days a week, all guests are welcome, and ceremonies are performed at an actual wedding venue, not in a Courthouse. In the event of rain or snow, Ceremonies will be performed undercover at the Courtyard Fountain area of the Henrico County Courthouse Complex. Since Ceremonies are not performed at all of the other Courthouses seven days a week with an actual Wedding Venue, Everyone comes to Henrico. Ceremonies are scheduled through OUR OFFICE, not through the Courthouse or County.
Henrico Wedding Officiant
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