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Ceremony Process

Ceremony Process
Your Marriage Ceremony is the biggest event of your Life! So make your Marriage Ceremony the most memorable event of your Life by customizing, personalizing, and designing your ceremony from start to finish:

1) You may use your own ideas and words.

2) You may use any ceremony material that you would like (i.e., internet, another wedding ceremony, ceremony book or magazine, our ceremony planning websites, etc.)

3) You may include ceremonies within your ceremony (i.e., unity candle ceremony, sand ceremony, basket ceremony, blanket ceremony, smudging ceremony, handfasting ceremony, breaking of the glass, jumping of the broom, rose ceremony, etc.) You MUST provide all items used in the Ceremony!

4) You may include children, recognize and include parents, friends or family sharing readings, etc.

5) You may use our Ceremony Material ( Link to hlam.net/samples )

6) You then write your OWN Ceremony. The sample ceremonies will assist you in putting all the ceremony sections in the right order.

7) After finishing your ceremony draft, simply email your draft to us, so we can make sure everything is in order. Upon request, we will be happy to provide the traditional processional and recessional order for your wedding party. If the Officiant is providing rehearsal services, you must provide the wedding party order, so we can confirm that the order is correct..

8) Bring your final ceremony printout to the wedding location. By bringing YOUR FINAL ceremony copy, we are assured of having the correct wording of your ceremony, since many times our brides and grooms change the wording the night before the wedding.  

The reason we are the top area wedding ministers, is that we perform your ceremony using your final ceremony along with any necessary prompts. We receive calls everyday from brides and grooms who witnessed other ministers show up with no ceremony, the wrong ceremony, or ceremonies mixed together, and ministers who adlib ceremonies rather than perform them as written, or ministers who tell you that they wrote your ceremony just for you, and all they did is change the names and one paragraph of one of their old ceremonies, and they charge you for a customized, personalized ceremony..

You deserve the BEST!

.Meetings with a Minister are scheduled at the discretion of our Office, only after a signed services agreement and payment in full (non-refundable) are received. You must bring your ceremony draft to the meeting for our review. Since we do the most weddings, officiants are not always assigned to their weddings till the week before the wedding.
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