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Ordination Process - Step by Step

Remember, our ordinations are accepted by all States and Courts because they are ADMINISTERED BY OUR REAL COOPERATING CHURCHES, not by online ordination mills, which are usually rejected. Most of the ministers ordained by the online ordination mills, had to be re-ordained by one of our COOPERATING CHURCHES. The Cooperating Churches of HLAM Ministries provide the Only Online Ordination accepted by All States and Courts, and the Only Online Ordination accepted by All of Virginia to be authorized to perform Marriage Ceremonies.

All three of the following steps must be followed:

1. Pay $100 Ordination Fee. Payment mode will be discussed with the Ordination Administrator.

2. Leave Voice Mail Message for Ordination Administrator at +1 (301) 560-0107.

3. Completely fill in e-mail form (click here) including the word ORDINATION under Additional Comments.
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