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 Since 2004, we have been the leading ministerial wedding consultants in the six-state region of Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania because we have the most experienced wedding ministers, best ceremony delivery, and, best of all, we allow all of our couples' the blessed opportunity to design their own ceremonies: this is why we do the most weddings. We are rated by Bridal Ministerial Review Service of Washington as the Premier Wedding Ministers in the Six-State Region.

HLAM Ministries offers the Only Online Ordination accepted by All States and Courts to perform Marriage Ceremonies, and the Only Online Ordination accepted by All of  Virginia and the District of Columbia.  Since 2011,  our cooperating Churches have ordained the most ministers because our Churches are real Churches, who administer real Ordinations, that are really accepted by everyone each and every time. Calls come in every day from good people seeking free online ordination, but want an alternative online ordination that is accepted by ALL STATES AND COURTS: HLAM MINISTRIES is that ALTERNATIVE !  Free Online Ordination Ministers are being declined all day at DC Superior Court, and Virginia Circuit Courts. Dear Friend, Don't be the next minister to be shot down in the District of Columbia and Virginia; receive a REAL ORDINATION FROM A REAL CHURCH THAT IS ACCEPTED BY ALL STATES AND COURTS.! 

Every Year, Our Ordination Administrator receives thousands of calls from Ministers and Prospective Ministers from all over the World that are CALLED to SERVE, and who want to be ordained by a real and traditional Church that is comfortable with their beliefs and philosophy. Many of these fine people made the mistake of receiving ordination from one or all of the internet ordination mills, and were quickly denied the privilege of performing marriage ceremonies in many States, Counties, Cities, and Countries. The reason so many Ministers and Prospective Ministers who receive ordination by clicking a mouse on a ordination website are rejected by many Courthouses and other Entities is that these churches are NOT considered real churches, and therefore their ORDINATIONS ARE NOT CONSIDERED REAL ORDINATIONS.Getting Ordained with Ministers/Ministerial Christian Non-Denominational Ordination, Like Ours, that is Accepted by All States and Courts is a Must!  Our Ministers Receive a Beautiful Specially Customized Ordination Certificate Suitable for Framing: not a computer printout. You can also legally perform Baptisms, Child Dedications, House Dedications, and Funerals, in Addition to Marriage Ceremonies. All of our Ministers are Welcome to Utilize our Ceremony Customization Website Page to Assist them and their Couples' in Designing their Marriage Ceremonies.  Don't Fall for any of the Online Ordination Scams!  
HLAM Ministries has solved this terrible dilemma by networking with real Churches, who have real Staff Ministers, a real Congregation, and real Worship Services, whose Church Boards approve the ordinations of the called servants. Our Ordination Administrator speaks with each person and finds the correct Church that is sympathetic with their calling, qualifications, ordination, and service.
Dear Friends, please don't put your faith and confidence in the ten online ordination mills who promise you the opportunity to perform marriage ceremonies anywhere, and yet these promises are broken as soon as you are turned down by a State, County, or City. Please be aware that many Circuit Courts and Superior Courts have a list of all of the online ordination mills, and when they see that you were ordained by one of these groups, you will be shot down each and every time. Don't let this happen to You! Give us a CALL Today!  Otherwise, the couple you were supposed to marry, may have to pay another minister $500 at the last minute to marry them,  because you got the wrong ordination and received an ORDINATION CERTIFICATE THAT ISN'T WORTH THE PAPER IT IS WRITTEN ON!  Brothers and Sisters, don't let your Wedding Minister Career END,  BEFORE IT BEGINS
The fine men and women who have been ordained by our COOPERATING CHURCHES have NEVER BEEN DECLINED the privilege of performing the rites of matrimony by any State, County, City, or Country, since all of them were ORDAINED BY REAL CHURCHES THAT ADMINISTER REAL ORDINATIONS THAT ARE REALLY ACCEPTED EACH AND EVERY TIME.  Call now to discuss an online ordination alternative through our Cooperating Churches whose ORDINATIONS are  accepted by ALL STATES AND COURTS.

Many States that currently honor online ordination may soon kick the onliners to the curb because the Old School Fundamentalists are working to get bills through their legislatures that once and for all will deny online ordination ministers the opportunity to celebrate the rites of matrimony.  Have No Fear!  Dual Ordination is the Answer! Give Us a  Call Today!
One of our Ministers, Rev. Johnson, tells how HLAM Ministries helped him: "I, like so many others, made the mistake of going with online ordination. I was turned down in the District of Columbia, and all over Virginia. I then tried all of the online ordination mills with the same result, and this went on for five years. Many of my friends had the same experience. Then a co-worker, told me about HLAM Ministries, and this was the beginning of a wonderful dream come true!  I finally received my authorization to celebrate the rites of matrimony in the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  All of my friends received their authorization as well. HLAM Ministries is a Godsend!"
Just like Rev. Johnson, as well as the ministers pictured above, you will be provided with everything  needed to become authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in the jurisdiction that you desire.
For a low and affordable fee of $100 paid to the Ordination Administrator, HLAM Ministries provides:
A Real Ordination Administered by a Real Church
A Beautiful Custom-Made Certificate of Ordination 
Unlimited Letters of Good Standing (If Needed)
Use of our Ceremony Customization Package to help each Couple Design Their Own Ceremonies
Placement in our Ministerial Database for Referral Weddings
Optional Notification of Upcoming HLAM Ministries Events
We look forward to your call seven days a week!  Please remember that we receive thousands of calls every year and some calls go into the voice mail because of high call volumes. If that happens to you, be sure to leave messages on both voice mails. Your call will be returned promptly! The best time to call is after 8:00 PM (EST).
(CELL) 571-234-3645 
(OFFICE/VOICE MAIL) 301-560-0107


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